Sherie Mujis

Tell us about yourself.
I am Sherie Muijs. A clothing designer specializing in hand crafted shirts. I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, which is where I currently live. Mid year I will be moving to Berlin, Germany with my husband Jiwan Rai. I have him to thank for his support and encouragement, and to the wonderful and interesting ladies in my life who have helped inspire me to get me to where I am today.

What is beauty to you and how do you define beauty?
“Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

In recent years, you’ve streamlined your label and now only design women’s and men’s shirts. Many call you a “shirtmaker.” Why only shirts?
Shirts have intrigued me since my graduate collection of oversized white shirts, and my fascination has continued to develop over the years. I enjoy the creative process, designing something that holds such integrity, something so classic. My hope is that a Sherie Muijs shirt holds that same credibility while having an element of modernism.

What do you believe constitutes the perfect shirt?
The perfect shirt is one that has been beautifully cut and impeccably finished. Fit, form and function need to be thoughtfully designed and constructed together with tight stitches to ensure it’s strong and ready to last the test of time.

What is beautiful about a well-dressed woman?
A well-dressed woman exudes confidence and modesty, which I think is to be admired.

When should one wear silk and when should one wear cotton?
Silk is incredibly lovely to wear and I always feel a million dollars when wearing it. I typically wear a silk shirt when meeting the girls for a drink or going somewhere special. Any other given day I wear cotton or linen, as it’s most practical and easy to care for.

What is most important when it comes to washing shirts?
It is important to wash unbuttoned shirts separately in a washing machine on a gentle cycle with warm water. It is that simple to keeping a quality shirt looking good.

How do your simple and minimalistic aesthetics in shirtmaking translate to your daily life? 
I live a very simple life, which I enjoy. It includes all of life’s essentials — filtered coffee, dark chocolate, potted plants, blue jeans, candles, fresh flowers and fresh air. I grudgingly go to the gym for exercise and sleep in on Sunday’s. I write to-do lists and get energized by crossing things off. I have a weakness for stationery and love fine linen. Space and surroundings are important to me and I struggle to start work until everything is in its place.

When you are looking to be inspired, what do you turn to?
It can be anything. For me, ideas come from being in touch with all senses. Eyes open or eyes closed, all I need is a little imagination.

What books are on your bookshelf at the moment?
A stack of Acne Papers and The Gentlewoman magazines, Grace Coddington’s Grace, Joan Didion’s Blue Nights and A Year of Magical Thinking, Patti Smith’s Just Kids, and a selection of Wallpaper City Guides.

Please share your perfect evening playlist.
Sunset / The xx
The Moon / Cat Power
I Know I Got Religion / Kurt Vile
Power Of Not Knowing / Kings Of Convenience
Re: Stacks / Bon Iver
Postcard / Thomas Feiner & Anywhen
Far Away / Washed Out
Intro / The xx
Sorrow / The National
Elegie / Patti Smith

For more of Sherie’s work, check out her website.