Noni Cragg

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Noni, I am a 21 year old living in the Inner West of Sydney. I work for the lovely people at ALPHA60 and am a BFA graduate. I majored in painting and I do some Zoolander-ing part-time. I feel like I got where I am today by changing negative aspects of my life into positives, eating healthy and being open and honest.

What is beauty to you and how do you define beauty?
Beauty is something found externally and internally as well as something quite subjective. It can be seen all around us and I don’t think there is any set criteria from which we can base our decisions of what is and isn’t beautiful..

How did you get discovered as a model?
My lovely friend Sophy encouraged me to try model as she thought I should give it a crack! Six Wolves and I found each other and I have been represented by them ever since. I feel super lucky to be surrounded by supportive friends and have such amazing people looking after me at Six Wolves. Thanks guys!

What do you like and dislike about the modeling industry?
I’d be a super unappreciative butt face if I were to complain about much, but if I had to say one thing; castings. They make me a bit nervous and jittery.

What are some memorable moments on set?
There are a few memorable moments which have given me a fit of the giggles, but the most fun was getting to stand on top of a car and smash the windscreen in with a baseball bat for a music video clip.

Tell us about your name, Noni, which is very beautiful and not common.
Why thank you! I like my name for that reason too and that it is nice and short. I was named after my mothers Great Aunt Noni from our Indigenous side of the family.

Your heritage is interesting: Irish and Indigenous Australian. Do you have particular cultural habits that are unique, due to your dual-heritage?
In the past our Indigenous heritage has been something kept rather hush hush, particularly by my Grandmothers Generation and back due to the harsh racial profiling, stereotypes and intolerant nature of others. Australia has in the past been a very racist country, in particular towards the Indigenous community. Having said that, my Mother has made it her mission to find out where we come from through research, communication and engaging in Traditional activities and ceremonies in order to get in touch with our heritage. I’m so proud of her for being so proactive in learning about and embracing our heritage. I don’t feel like I have particular cultural habits that are unique due to a dual-heritage, however I do feel very strongly against racism and people who honestly feel it is appropriate to discriminate against another for their race or culture are kind of, well horribly shit people to put it bluntly.

Are you partial towards runway or editorials/portraits? Why or why not?
I’m only just off 5’8” meaning I’m on the shorter end of the scale when it comes to modeling so Runway isn’t something I get to do. I enjoy all the work I do get to do,. as everyone I have worked with is pretty open minded and easy to get along with.

If you weren’t pursuing modeling, what alternate career paths would you pursue?
I’m doing my best to carve out a career for myself in the art world as a painter. I have a nice little show coming up at the end of May at China Heights Gallery, which should be dope! Hopefully all my hard work pays off and being an artist is something I can pursue full time!

What photographers or designers do you dream of working with in the near future?
I dig so many in the industry right now! Lots of creative, lovely people everywhere. I would love to be involved with the peeps at Desert Designs, Emma Mulholland, Lonely Hearts Label and Karla Spetic. I love working with Ryan Kenny and would like to do more work with him but to be honest I’m flattered by anyone keen to photograph me or have me wear their threads.

Who and what inspire you?
I’m inspired by anyone who likes to get stuff done and works hard to achieve their dreams.

What songs are on your personal playlist?
I usually like to listen to albums rather than specific songs, so I guess I’ll list what has been getting a work out on the iPod recently – Misfits, The Bonniwells, Black Sabbath, Lana Del Rey, The B-52’s, Neil Young, M.I.A, Gang Of Four, Queens of The Stone Age, Bob MarleyThe Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Doors, Kate BushBlondie, King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardSlayer, The SunnyboysThe Violent Femmes, Wu-Tang Clan and the 13th Floor Elevators.

What are three things most people don’t know about you?
1. I sing in the shower super loud (so my family and partner know that!)
2. I’m a Simpsons nerd – I have the Bart Simpson skull and crossbones from the ‘Kamp Krusty’ Episode tattooed on my ankle.
3. Any time I have off I love to go on Skate/Surf/Camping road trips with my partner.


For more of Noni’s work, check out her website.