Wei Lin

Describe your earliest fashion memories.
I grew up in a sweater factory. I used to play with yarns and sewing machines when I was little.

What is most frustrating about the fashion industry, in your opinion?
Fast fashion.  I think fast fashion is bad for the environment.

Explain the brand name, PH5.
On the pH scale, if 7 represented androgynous unisex labels and 1 represented the extreme feminine or sexy brands, pH5 would be a brand that’s leaning towards the edgier side while keeping a touch of femininity and sexy.

To date, what is your favorite PH5 piece? Why?
My favorite is an over-sized sleeveless white shirt with round back. It’s very easy to wear in the summer, and I love white shirts.

When it comes to knitwear, who is on your radar?
Ohne Titel. The designers Flora and Alexa are extremely knowledgeable about knit and knit-woven combo.

What season do you enjoy dressing for the most? Why?
Fall – it’s the best time for knit cardigans.

That said, what is your favorite month?

Who would you love to dress in head-to-toe PH5?
I would love to dress powerful women, such as head of IMF Christine Lagarde. She is elegant, independent, and ageless.

In your closet, what are your prized possessions?
My closet has mostly PH5 styles and also brands that my parents’ factory manufactures for. My parents always tell me that I’m a lucky girl because I have more cashmere sweaters than most girls can ever dream of.

What is one trend that you would never be caught dead wearing?
I don’t have one in mind. Never say never.

Say it’s fashion week. Which designers would you like to receive an invite from?
Ohne Titel, Proenza Schouler, Balenciaga

What websites are bookmarked on your browser?
The Business of Fashion, McKinsey, and several airline websites.

On your phone, what apps are essential?
Dropbox, Currency Exchange, Whatsapp, Wechat, Yoga Studio, VPN.

If you could relocate to any city in the world, where would you go?
Ideally I would like to stay in Asia. I love Asia, and I see opportunities here.

What does your ideal travel itinerary look like?
My dream is to travel around the world while spending a year on a motorbike or a bike.

What city’s fashion do you think is worth following?
Tokyo. [Their fashion is] very sophisticated and chic.

Describe your perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I can eat fruits and sashimi all day, every day.

In your own words, what is beauty to you?
What’s not beautiful?


For more of PH5, check out the website.