Why create The Raw Book?
These days, it is difficult to distinguish beauty that is tainted by society, technology, and media from beauty that is natural. The Raw Book launched to share the original script of our discussions, not the edits.

Are all the interviews conducted by The Raw Book?
Yes, all conversations featured here are 100% authentic, as ‘raw’ as you can get.

Why don’t you categorize the artists by occupation?
By equalizing each artist, we hope that you will read each feature without filter, judgment, or bias.

Who is featured on The Raw Book?
Initially, we conducted conversations with close friends. They then offered suggestions of colleagues whose work offer a new perspective to standard beauty. There are no boundaries with regards to the individuals we feature. We merely seek for passion and honesty.

How else can we reach Alicia?
Email is the best, but Twitter and Instagram are always safe seconds.

Can I submit suggestions for features?
Sure. All submissions can be emailed to therawbook@gmail.com.