Andrew Thomas Lopez

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Tell us about the title of your series, This is Something… This is Important. The title is a result of one of the first images that I made without realizing it. My son is very good at building, so in this … Continue reading

Ani Katz

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Tell me about Terms of Non-Communication. I was in a graduate program in Chicago where I worked on integrating both images and writing. Terms of Non-Communication grew out of a previous body of work, Barbash, which was a documentation of … Continue reading

Josh Birnbaum

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As a photojournalist, do you predominately have to shoot with digital? I started shooting on film for my first assignments, and then for 10 years, I shot digital. Now I explore other realms of fine art, specifically with medium format … Continue reading

Elise Pioch

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Tell us about yourself. My name is Elise Pioch Balzac, I’m French and currently live in Sydney, Australia. After a career as a fashion buyer, I launched a concise collection of colorful candles under my own brand, Maison Balzac. I … Continue reading

Julie Renée Jones

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Do you remember your introduction to photography? I discovered photography subconsciously. My father was an amateur photographer and would take pictures of me in unconventional ways. There are pictures of me with a tear running down my face or of … Continue reading

Barbara Diener

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Let’s start by talking about your first camera. For my 8th birthday, my grandmother took me to Toys’R’Us and told me I could pick out anything I wanted. I chose a pink point-and-shoot camera. From then on, I started to … Continue reading

Liu Bolin

Liu_Bolin_HITC_Kitchen_Knives_photograph_2012 Courtesy Klein Sun Gallery, NY. © Liu Bolin.

What challenges have you faced as an artist in China? After I graduated from school, for a long time, I had no family, no job, no love in my life. During those four years without love or income, I felt … Continue reading

Anna Jones

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You began your career in economics. When you were working in business, what sort of food did you eat to nourish your body? I think that lunches were much more important to me when I was working in business. They … Continue reading

Jonathan David Smyth

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I hear a definite accent in your voice but am having trouble identifying it. Where are you from? I’m from a small town in Northern Ireland called Larne, but I left there when I was 18 to study an undergraduate … Continue reading

Álvaro Franca

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Tell us about how you came to create the Typewritten Portraits. I was taking a printmaking and etching course, but when I turned it in for evaluation, I got a lousy grade and a terrible write-up; my professors didn’t think I … Continue reading

Enya Mommsen

Enya, photographed by Mel Tjoeng. © 2014 The Raw Book. All rights reserved.

Growing up, were you always creative? My parents were both working in creative fields, and so I think naturally my brother and I grew up understanding self-expression as priority without a doubt. Did you end up pursuing art in college? I … Continue reading

Bethany Gosvener

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You’re currently based in Portland. Have you always lived in Oregon? I’ve always lived in Oregon, but I grew up in a trashy little suburb called Gresham, which is 20 minutes away from Portland. When I was younger, Portland always seemed like a large city, … Continue reading